Record Label Launch – #TGBTG

Record Label Launch – #TGBTG

To God Be the Glory

The launching of a brand new record label ROOTS & HONORS on march 16th 2013 had one dream in mind to; ‘Change our world through music.’ Music has a way to touch the soul. It has the ability to change one’s heart, mind and mood. It bring countries together, tells a mans tale of his journey and even give hope.

With a vast variety of genres, singers and culture, Roots and Honors brings a whole new experience with music on every stage and events they have had the privilege to perform at. As a young positive label, it has not stop the artists from having the dream of not only changing their little world but also others around them. They have been sharing with their community their dreams and experiences through their music.

Each artists music tells an unique story of how they have journeyed from being just a poet putting lyrics on paper to humming a tune and finally recording their album. some of them have come a long way from singing on street corners and coffee shops to performing opening acts and even bringing a brides dream to life with their music.

One dream that Roots and Honors have been working on is to showcase their God given talent around the world. For some of the artist this dream is coming to reality in a couple of days. On august 20th they will embark on starting the journey of performing their first international gig in colorado. It will not be the last for this fire burning inspirational group but rather a stepping stone for many more dreams to come.