Gospel Reggae Artist Mervin Budram – MD

Belize Gospel Reggae Artist Mervin Budram - MD

Mervin Budram – MD is a Belizean producer/songwriter and Gospel Reggae Artist living in Belmopan, Belize. His musical style includes reggae, soca, dance hall & dance pop. MD believes that Music is a tool to communicate a value system… Through his music, MD communicate TRUTH that will set the captive free. YES MD is passionate about Music but his passion for music in his life is fueled by the greater passion for his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Mervin was born March 16th 1983 to Mervin & Juanita Budram Sr. Due to severe medical complications the doctor informed MD’s mom that he would not live. His mom, a godly woman, didn’t give up and MD experience the first genuine miracle in his life as the doctor surprisingly told his mom hours later “I don’t know what happen, there’s a new heart, new lungs, new liver when before it was totally not working.”

MD grew up loving music and often walked around the house singing at the top of his lungs. Their family devotion times in the house were a big festivity; banging sounds of bottles, bath pan and homemade shaker from a fork and ‘graatah’ was the norm.

He was introduced to the art of drumming at the age of nine (9) where he played drums for a church band ‘Conquers’ which later became New Beginnings Gospel Band.


MD is presently the Lead Vocals for the R1pple 3ffect Band – a vibrant Caribbean gospel reggae & soca band that brings a positive message of hope to Belize and the nations of the earth through the musical art form of Soca, reggae, dance hall, dance pop, & worship.

In 2014, MD attained performed his first big international gig at the Reach Out Music Festival in Cortez Colorado.

Mervin embraces every opportunity to minister globally to crowds at churches, concert venues, conventions and other special events. For MD, the journey is only the beginning as he continues to break into uncharted territories. More than just a singer or producer, Mervin is a young man whose heart is focused on spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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