Bethany Ann Album Launch Overview

Bethany Ann Album Launch Overview

 Bethany Ann Album Launch Overview

Bethany Ann’s first album release was interpreted as a dream come true. Friends and families gathered in their best on Saturday night at the George price center to walk the red carpet and celebrate Bethany’s accomplishment of her first album entitled ‘No hands.’

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We were greeted by Bethany with an excited smile wearing a beautiful black dress. Quite nervous and excited as she prepared to go on stage to begin her performance with one of her winning songs from Legacy’s Got Talent entitled ‘Shine.’ A famous song to me and many others I must say, recorded by Roots and Honors Records.

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Other artists & performers were invited to be a part of her show. David Smith, Kudzae & Mervin Budram – MD also artist of Roots and Honor Records. Earlyn Hutchinson a poet, KayC and LTL dancers who coordinated a dance for her performance No hands.

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Memories will be a lasting effect for Bethany as many photographs was taken after the show by Canadian photographer Patricia George of Capture photography. Photographs with laughter an excitement followed by eating talking and many hugs of appreciation. The show was a beautiful show and ended not with the intention to end the night but to meet up with friends for her after party at destiny house.

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We danced and celebrated with Bethany until we could move no more. Her friends joined in with her to perform the famous Cha Cha slide. The destiny house rocked that night with music, dancing and laughter. Bethany commented that ”it was a dream come true”. It was a night like no other.

No Hands is available in local stores within Belize as well as on Itunes, Amazon & CDBaby.