Alida Sharp performed in New Mexico

Alida Sharp performed in New Mexico

Roots and Honor artist, Alida Sharp, recently performed one of the songs from her upcoming album in New Mexico. We caught up with Alida to learn more about her experience.

R&H: Alida, tell us about singing at Vista Grande Church in Sandia Park, New Mexico?

Alida: The church was very warm and inviting. It reminded me of singing in the church I grew up in back in Kansas. I didn’t feel like a guest…I felt like part of a family.

R&H: You’ve spent this past year performing and recording in Belize. What was it like to perform one of your songs for an American audience?

Alida: It was very exciting to debut one of my original songs, “Make Me Holy”, in the States. Before going to New Mexico I was reminded that Americans can be very critical of performers so I was nervous about not measuring up to their standards before I arrived at the church. But, I found the congregation to be very supportive and completely engaged as I was singing. It was a very worshipful experience.

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R&H: Alida, you’ve been singing in church since you were a young girl. And you grew up in the States so this was not your first time performing in the US. With all of that experience behind you why were you nervous?

Alida: Good question! You’re right…I’ve spent years singing…and I started singing in church in the States when I was nine years old. But those years were spent performing songs written by other people. To be singing my own music is very different. It adds another layer of vulnerability in front of an audience. I wrote “Make Me Holy” one Sunday morning during my quiet time. So it’s like opening up my journal for everyone to read.

R&H: I see. That makes sense. So tell us, what inspired you to write “Make Me Holy”?

Alida: I got up early one Sunday morning in November of 2013 before church to have my quiet time. I had been reading my Bible and singing through a hymnal. The rain was coming down hard and steady. And the words just began to flow. “As the rain falls from on high, I feel Your touch upon my life”. I
wanted God to cleanse me and use me. I wanted Him to make me holy. I thought of God’s Word in 1 Peter 1 where He tells us to be holy as He is holy. I know that I cannot be holy on my own. I can only be Holy through Him.
R&H: Thanks for sharing your journey with us. So where are you at in the recording process and what is your next step?

Alida: We’ve finished recording all of the songs. And we’re planning to put the album out this year. Right now I’m praying about which song to release first and a title for the album. I’m very excited about 2015!