About Roots & Honor | Belize Creative Music Group

Roots & Honor Records | Belize Music LabelRoots & Honor Records is an independently owned and operated record label based out of Belmopan, Belize producing positive Belize music. We write the music and the lyrics. We record the music in Belize. We mix the music. We develop the artwork. We labor throughout each step of the process so that our fingerprints are evident through the development of each artists.

Our mission & passion is to Change our world through music.

We all know that music grabs our emotions instantly in a way few other art-forms can manage. It engages us on all sorts of different levels. A few bars of a song can take us back decades, to a different time and place. Music tells us stories about other people and places and it gives us access to new experiences. Music can teach us how other people think and even suggest how we might live. It’s our goal to harness the power of music fused with biblical truths, life experiences & love and use it to bring  positive change to the world we live in.


The ROOT system of a tree is hidden under the ground (NOT SCENE BY THE PUBLIC), however it’s one of the essential parts of the tree that sustain its life. We are interested not only in producing great Belize music (the fruit) but ensuring what is beneath the music is strong & healthy (The Artist). HONOR speaks of valor, identity and being the best that you can be. In simple terms, it’s being yourself and others relating to you based on who you are.

With those two thoughts in mind, the founders coined the name Roots and Honor; A record label committed to producing strong, healthy artists that expresses who they are through music and ultimately bringing a positive influence to world.


We invite you to join the Roots and Honor movement by signing up for mailing list,  listening & sharing the music. BUT even more, take some time to evaluate & reflect. Is your ROOT SYSTEM strong and healthy? are you being the best you were created to be? The founders of Roots & Honor Records would tell you that an essential ingredient for a strong healthy root system is a relationship with Jesus Christ.